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To install the themes, just copy it into your /wp-content/themes folder on your Wordpress Installation.

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DaThemes templates make it easy to spice up your website. With features like faster page loads, Cascading Style Sheets, and image source files included, it is simple to give your website a whole new look and new functionality! Look below to find details on which features are available for which templates. You can also check out the available templates on the live demo server.
Web 2.0 effects

Web 2.0 effects are implemented throughout, utilizing Javascript and CSS. Custom scripts utilize popular web 2.0 library features like smooth sliding, lightbox, and image reflection. These features and more are destined to make visitors to your website say 'Wow'!

Take a look at our live demo server!

DaThemes templates all are compatible with modern browsers and W 3C web standards. You will appreciate the tidy CSS and XHTML code as well as the fast page loads. DaThemes templates create a positive web visit for users. How important is that?